We often get asked if it is possible to display Outlook calendar information in Daylite CRM.
People sometimes get calendar invitations from other people who are using Outlook. In this situation the calendar entry stays in Outlook. so having a way to show these in Daylite should be helpful.

Here is a step-by-step guide to setting it up

1. Log into your Microsoft Office 365 account via a web browser.
Once logged in you will see all of your available apps. This view might vary depending on the type of Office 365 account that you have been allocated.

2. Select Outlook the Outlook icon (see image below).

Office 365 login

3. Click the Settings icon on the top right of your screen

Outlook Settings

4. Select “View All Outlook Settings” at the bottom on the panel below.

all Outlook settings

You will then gain access to some additional Outlook settings options.

5. Choose “Calendar” from this list of options on the left hand side and then select “Shared Calendars”.

6. Now we need Publish your calendar to generate an http link for it.
In the Share a Calendar option, choose the Outlook calendar that you wish to publish.

There are also several permissions options but the best to use is “Can view all details”.
Once you have selected the permissions setting the Publish button will be available to select.

7. In the Shared Calendars section, once you have pressed the Publish button you will see a hyperlink for your chosen published Calendar.

Select shared Calendar

7. Copy the blue details adjacent to “ICS:” (Internet Calendaring & Scheduling).
you can do this clicking the blue writing so a drop-down appears. Select Copy Link

ICS published Calendar

8. Now we move over to Daylite Preferences and choose Calendar Sharing.

Daylite Preferences


9. Choose The option for In Daylite and then also select Subscription from URL

10. Paste in the subscription we copied from outlook.

paste in ICS URL

11. View the Outlook Calendar name and change the colour if required.

outlook Calendar


12. Your Outlook Calendar will now appear in Daylite as a view only overlay in your Daylite Calendar.
It will update regularly and you can turn it on or off if you do not want it to be shown all the time.

Daylite Calendar view


If you were able to follow all of the steps above successfully then you should now be seeing your Outlook Calendar in Daylite.

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