The Best Mac CRM & Business Productivity App

We believe that Daylite is an essential tool that every small business should use.

We know this because we have used Daylite every working day for 15 years.

…and we have seen Daylite’s incredible impact on over 250 businesses that we have worked with.

Daylite combines the power of a CRM, Project Management, and Lead Management – all in one app.

Everything is organised and shared with your team which helps you save time and increase productivity.

Work offline, sync to the cloud

No internet? No problem.

Daylite is a native Mac app that stores your information locally. This means you do not need an internet connection to use it so you can keep working wherever you – on a plane, on the tube or even out in the sticks.

Made for Mac, iPhone & iPad

If you love using Mac, you will love using Daylite.

Leverage the great features that Mac has to offer: caller ID, integrate with Calendars and Contacts, Apple Mail integration, notifications.

Tie everything together

Daylite possesses a unique linking capability that allows you to link any related information together  – a virtually paper-clip.

So before meeting a client you can quickly hop to their information and review everything about them in date order; emails meetings, notes, documents, outstanding tasks etc. 

Made for growing businesses

Daylite is flexible and grows with you.

It’s designed to help keep your company organized and increase productivity – from a small team to a team of 50 and up.

Are you new to Daylite?

Give Daylite a try for free today

At Urban Soul Orchestra we value our clients and are recognised for our first class customer service, which is made achievable by using an organised and user friendly CRM system such as Daylite.

Daylite allows us to communicate efficiently, not only with clients but also colleagues, creating a common work space that is accessible in and out of the office when working remotely.

The Pipeline feature ensures we are able to manage the event management aspects and the ability to sync email conversations to Daylite profiles also keeps us up-to-date with every client, so that we can provide the best service possible.

Recently we were recognised as the World’s Most Prestigious Events Supplier in the Prestigious Star Awards due to the level of customer service that we are able to provide our clients.

Natasha Beckman - Director

Urban Soul Orchestra

How we can help

We can help you get the most out of Daylite in the shortest possible time.

Whether that’s setting up Daylite, training staff or ongoing guidance, we are there to help.

That is what we are really good at, and enjoy the most.

Daylite has become our CRM system.

It works so easily with our everyday working in and out of the office , reducing duplication of work with everyone being able to access it, including managing events so much more easily.  The importance here is we are all confident in this system we use.

Bill educates as he supports us through our Daylite mentor subscription; and that means we understand more, and are able to use more of the Daylite’s capabilities as our Practice develops.

Michele Pearson

Sussex Wealth Management Limited

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