Daylite Plugins

There is an impressive range of plugins and services that significantly enhance what Daylite CRM can achieve for your business. 

As the UK’s sole provider for the products and services of iOSXpert, we can help you to find the right solution extend your use of Daylite and increase your productivity.


Find documents in Daylite with ease. Search full-text and see which Daylite objects your documents are linked with.


Import newsletter subscribers from Mailchimp and add Daylite contacts to your mailing lists. Review Mailchimp reports right in Daylite.


Leave data entry to the customer. Import Wufoo web forms automatically to Daylite. Create arbitrary Daylite records thanks to customizable import actions.


Make Daylite more productive: create multiple tasks at once, batch process multiple forms, delegate tasks by email, publish appointments and much more.


Controlling & time registration for Daylite. Enter time costs, register expenses and take advantage of meaningful reports.


Use the context-sensitive web browser for internet research, plot Daylite contact locations on a map or perform vicinity searches.


Connect Daylite with your invoicing software and prevent double data entry. Supports Totals and Topix:8


See who’s calling, right at the first ring. Initiate calls from within Daylite and send mass SMS text messages via your iPhone or select SMS service providers.

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We can help you get the most out of Daylite CRM in the shortest possible time.

Whether that’s setting up Daylite, training staff or ongoing guidance, we are at there to help.

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