Financial Services

Daylite, is a secure and dynamic CRM system, which is well suited to the activities of financial advisors

Implicit has extensive experience working with financial advisors and have gained valuable expertise.
We are confident that Daylite can add value your business workflow, including:

  • Automatically record all client interactions, including emails
  • Store & share detailed client information in one place
  • Produce a full audit trail of your client servicing history
  • Record client meetings and allocate tasks to be done
  • Automatically manage your client reviews schedule
  • Track your new business cases
  • Mange your marketing communications
  • Super-fast and simple to use with workflow automation

We have become totally dependant on Daylite, it prompts, manages and records all client contact points without us having to do much, it is pretty well automatic. Our staff find Daylite really easy and love it. I am out of the office a lot and the iPad and iPhone apps are great.

As regulated Financial Advisers it is critical that all client records and up to date and secure. Daylite ticks all the boxes.

Bill and his team at Implicit were really helpful when we set up Daylite, and on the rare occasions when we have needed help they are always there.

Tim Gallego

Senior Partner, Poundbury Wealth Management LLP

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