For independent professional photographers, Daylite CRM  is an essential tool to keep everything organised. Daylite enables you to stay on top of all the contacts you have made and keep track of the conversations you are having with clients and potential clients alike.

Daylite helps you to manage your potential shoots so nothing falls between the cracks by providing a clear set of steps that lead you towards successful outcomes.

Daylite provides you with full access to your lists of suppliers and freelancers that are essential when it comes to planning for shoots.

Daylite enables you to manage your ongoing jobs as you progress towards the shoot date. It lets you define tasks that need to be done.


Photography Agencies

Daylite is particularly well suited to the needs of Photographic agencies.

It is excellent at keeping in touch and tracking all communication with your art buying contacts.

Daylite is fantastic for keeping track of progress for all of those potential shoots. When you win a job, Daylite enables you to manage everything to be done ahead of the shoot date.

Stay on top of all your shoot by producing a calendar for each artist and tracking the jobs they are assigned to.

The team at Implicit have been invaluable in helping us understand and implement the Daylite system into our day to day business.

They understand the intricacies of our business model as photographic agents and so they are in the best position to make sure we get what we need from the software.

Matt Davey

Co-Founder and Director, Probation

Daylite helps me keep track of my production assistants, and where we need to spend more time. It runs on my phone & laptop and is instantly updated wherever I am, providing access to history of previous jobs, emails, conversations & things to get done.

Implicit IT quickly showed me how to to use Daylite to run my diary, tasks, invoices, emails, notes, personal diary, marketing and pretty much everything else to do with running my business.

Jack Eames

Renowned hair, beauty & fashion photographer

We asked Gary from Pageant Productions to tell us how Daylite enables him to cover more ground when running his busy video production company.

Listen to Jack Eames, Hair and Beauty photographer as he talks about how working with Implicit to get the most out of Daylite helps him to stay on top of his game.

It is essential that I have access to all my client & job data when shooting on location. Daylite provides this with the iPhone app that syncs to all my computers. From estimates through to job sheets and calendar entries, it’s all integrated, making it quick and easy to find information I need. The email integration keeps track of conversations and links them with contacts, calendar and commissions.

Alexander Caminada Photography

Freelance photographer working for businesses, arts organisations & magazines.

Daylite has made a major difference to the way I keep track of current and prospective clients. Using Daylite is the difference between making important follow-up calls or not. It helps me to better organise what little time I have between shoots and it allows me to find the information I need when and where I need it and the iPhone/ iPad app are a real bonus when I am shooting on location.

Mark Turnbull Photography

Corporate & lifestyle photographer with over twenty years experience.

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