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Daylite saves you time because it is fast, easy to use and keeps all your important information in one place.

Daylite has been proven to be very well suited to the work of Financial Advisors & Wealth Managers. 

Having implemented Daylite for for many Wealth Management & Financial Advice businesses, we have gained valuable expertise in in the understanding of what is needed in a CRM system in this market.

We know how important it is to retain the details of ALL client interactions & to be able to easily keep detailed records of Review meetings, new business meetings, documents, tasks etc etc.

With it’s clearly laid out user interface, Daylite CRM is so good at showing you the next required action for all your clients.

Daylite has been 20 years in the making has got a wealth of great features designed to help you work more efficiently. 

Below is a brief overview of how those features in Daylite can directly help your business to prosper through increased productivity. 

Basic Client information 

  • Client name (Prefix, First names, Middle names, Surname)
  • Addresses – Home, Work etc
  • Phone Numbers – Home, Work etc
  • Email addresses – Home, Work etc
  • Birth Date & Anniversary date – both displayed on Calendar
  • Formal & informal salutations – used for Mail merge letters & emails
  • Gender, Marital status. etc etc.
  • Category
  • Tags (Keywords)


Detailed Client information  

  • Relationships – Daylite is unique because it lets you link people together and define their relationship. In this way you can easily show multiple generations within a single family. You can define unlimited relationships to fit your needs. Here are some examples: married, partner, parent, friend, introducer, plays golf with etc.
  • Personal Profile – A great way to extracting & sharing all of the detailed client information that is normally stored away in the brain of the advisor after years of meetings & conversations with clients.
    The personal profile is a great place for things like: full family details including children, pets, long-terms dreams, salary, property values, hobbies etc.
    Once its in Daylite it is so easy to find again and compare with other clients’ Personal Profiles. For example you might want to look for all clients with salaries or house values greater than £xx amount.
  • Hobbies – Very helpful to know & fully searchable. So if you want to invite your clients to a golf event or provide them with tickets to a rugby a rugby match you can find the right people in seconds.
  • Marketing Communications – You can list and search so much valuable information such as whether clients should receive your newsletter list and if so which areas of the market may they be interested in. In addition you can indicate if the client would like be invited to client events or whether they receive Birthday card or a calendar at Christmas time.   


Client Segmentation  

  • You can segment your clients in any number of ways. Most advisors tend to use the value of funds under management as the main differentiator, but you are free to do this how you like.
  • A Typical segmentation list might look something like this: A Client, AA Client, AAA Client, Prospect, Beneficiary, Provider, Supplier etc.
  • It is possible to differentiate between Single Client & Joint Clients.  Daylite will then allow you to see a list of all clients or households or just AAA Clients for example.
  • Daylite’s unique system of Smart-lists allows you to create dynamic saved searches of your client information in pretty much any way you choose.


Recording your full client contact audit trail

  • Notes – These can be created at the press of a button for people, meetings & opportunities in Daylite using the power of Daylite’s linking.
    Each note is automatically stamped with time, date and user who created it.
    You can then see the notes that have been added on each client’s timeline.
    For example a client may call into the office with a circumstance update. You simply bring up the client’s information and add a note which is automatically added to the client history window for all staff to see.
  • Email – Obviously emails form a vital part of the audit trail.
    Daylite’s Mail Assistant for Apple Mail automatically copies all inbound & outbound emails to the relevant client record. It’s automatic filing! You can also record email updates from providers that are about the client but not from the client.
    Emails collected in this way appear in the history and are available to the rest of the team.
  • Documents – These can be added to Daylite directly if the documents are included in emails or you can simply add any document to the client’s record.  
  • Store & share detailed client information in one place
  • Produce a full audit trail of your client servicing history
  • Record client meetings and allocate tasks to be done
  • Automatically manage your client reviews schedule
  • Track your new business cases


Find out more about Daylite CRM Software and Daylite Plugins & Enhancements

We have become totally dependent on Daylite. It prompts, manages and records all client contact points without us having to do much, it is pretty well automatic. Our staff find Daylite really easy and love it. I am out of the office a lot and the iPad and iPhone apps are great.

As regulated Financial Advisers it is critical that all client records are up to date and secure. Daylite ticks all the boxes.

Bill and his team at Implicit were really helpful when we set up Daylite, and on the rare occasions when we have needed help they are always there.

Tim Gallego

Senior Partner, Poundbury Wealth Management LLP

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