macOS IT Support

We strive to provide our clients with the highest standard of fast, clear & simple support and advice.

All of our support staff are qualified Apple Certified Support Professionals (ACSP).

We provide support services for macOS which also includes advice and tips on how to configure your Macs to they remain optimised & reliable.

Your systems need to run smoothly, and with our pro-active approach we aim to  minimise potential problems before they occur.

MacOS Support includes:


Office hours remote IT support via email, phone & screen share
Regular reviews – to ensure all software updated and optimised
Coaching & clear advice on getting the best out of your computer
Support for Office 365, OneDrive, SharePoint, DropBox etc
Practical advice on keeping your computer and your data secure
Prioritised online booking sytem
Implicit’s IT support is second to none I have used before, it’s accessible, user friendly and it works !

The IT job you need support on allows you to get the job done as soon as you end the call. We are so pleased to have Bill’s IT company looking after us in the business . People helping People making IT work.
We can and do recommend Implicit from our experiences.

Michele Pearson

Sussex Wealth Management Limited

There have been some significant changes at Microsoft in the last few years and much work has been done to make the Office products work well with the Mac and iOS. We think that the applications provided as part of Office 365 are essential for any small business.

As a Microsoft Office 365 Partner we can help you to get the most out of Office 365 for business whether that is managing email accounts for your staff, setting up cloud storage in the form of OneDrive and SharePoint or simply providing advice on how to get the most out of Word, Excel & Powerpoint.


We can help you to…

Migrate your existing email accounts to Office 365
Setup your data so it is available in SharePoint & OneDrive
Provide your team with access to Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc
What Makes Office 365 so special?
Email (Exchange)
Multiple Devices
Live Collaboration on documents
Word & Excel on iPhone and iPad
Xero is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to an accounting system.
It is clearly laid out and very intuitive to use.

We believe that because Xero is accessible to small businesses & book-keepers it saves a lot of time and therefore money on tasks that might otherwise be done by an accountant.

We use it everyday for our own business, and we love how easy it is to cut invoices and track payments. It has had a major impact on our cash flow.

As an experienced Xero partner we can help you set up your business in Xero and train you and your staff on the best way to use it.

We think the big timesaving features are:

Easily design good looking invoice templates – anyone can do it.
Repeating invoices take away so much work
Send automatic invoice payment reminders – fantastic feature!
Associated semi-automated bank account reconciliation
After seven years of working with Implicit to use Daylite, my business grew and we needed an accounting software that gave more detail, made things more straight forward, and that also worked with our accountant.

Implicit introduced me to Xero, and it was an eye opener in how easy it was to make invoices, keep track of the accounting side of the business with my bookkeeper, and run things generally a lot smoother. Implicit implemented Xero for my business from beginning to end, and has also given me an under the bonnet look at how much or how little you can decide to use.

As with Daylite, I knew the importance of getting trained up on Xero, and more importantly, having access to further training, and being able to get a solution to using new software, quickly. And as with Daylite, Implicit has delivered this professional, friendly and excellent service for Xero.

Jack Eames

Eames Photography

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