Small Businesses

We love working with start-up and small businesses and take great pride watching them take shape and grow.

When we arrive at a small business we are often presented with a variety of spreadsheets that staff are working off.
Information is sometimes in someone’s head, and then that person leaves the business and their knowledge and contacts are gone.

Daylite is very flexible and customisable, which makes it ideal for when a new business needs a sales and marketing database to get organised and store all the new information such as leads, clients and suppliers.

VegTrug Limited have been using Daylite for 6 years now as the central CRM and calendar for our business. In that time we have grown from 4 people to around 15 people and Daylite has been essential in getting new people up and running quickly and efficiently.

Implicit have been with us from the beginning and have provided training, coaching & support whenever needed.

We run a very tight operation in terms of our resources and we therefore have to work ‘smart’. I do not believe that we could run a company of our size with the number of people we have without Daylite. We have opened offices in the USA in that period and we will shortly be opening offices in Germany.

Daylite has been the core information system for us and we simply cannot see a better integrated solution for a company of our size. We would highly recommend utilising Implict as a supply partner for Daylite and MAC installations in general. Helpful, friendly and professional service. What more can you ask for?

Joe Denham


I really love the fact that Daylite keeps us linked up across the organisation.

Implicit are very quick at coming back to support and solve problems when needed, They always see a problem through to the end.

Erica Davies

Sustainable Food Trust

Daylite is the central hub of our business, we’ve found it to be a powerful way to keep us focused on the most important work as a team. Bill (and Implicit) have been a huge support to us in getting the most out of a what is a very powerful piece of software

Chris Gage

Ladder to the Moon

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