Follow our step by step guide to add an email signature in Apple Mail on macOS.


Step 1) You will receive your email signature in a long text html format, which will start with <div> and end in <div>.

Step 2) Go to and insert the long format html signature into the box on the left hand side. The website will then convert this text into a html preview in the right hand box. This should look similar to the image below.



Step 3) Ensure the signature looks as you are expecting. Use ‘command A’ and select all items in the right hand box, then use ‘command C’ and copy the signature to clipboard. Alternatively, use the trackpad to highlight the desired area and right click – copy.

Step 4) Open apple mail, and using the drop down menu at the top of your screen, go to settings.

Step 5) Once in settings, go to Signatures. You should find yourself on the screen shown below.

Step 6) Press the + symbol to add a signature slot to Apple Mail . Your screen will look as shown below. Paste your signature from clipboard into the right hand side – ensure that  ‘Always match my default message font’ is NOT ticked.

Step 7) Once the signature has been pasted into the right hand box, drag the created signature slot from the middle to whichever email address you want to assign it to, on the left hand side.

Step 8) Select the email address that you have applied the signature to, and using the ‘Choose Signature’ drop down box shown below, select your new signature – this will make it the default signature for this email address and it will be used every time when drafting a new email.

Step 9) Draft a new email and check the signature has been applied.


You now have a working email signature on Apple Mail for macOS. To add your signature to iOS, follow the steps below:



Step 1) Ensure your Mac and iOS device are both connected to wifi, bluetooth is on and they are both signed into the same AppleID.

Step 2) On both devices, go to Settings → General → AirDrop & Handoff. Ensure that Handoff is toggled to the on position.

Step 3) On your macOS device, repeat steps 2 and 3 from the macOS guide – converting the long html format into a html preview and copy this preview to clipboard. Because of Steps 1 and 2, this Signature will now be copied to Universal Clipboard, which means that you can copy and paste between your macOS and iOS devices.

Step 4) On your iOS device, go to Settings → Mail → Signature and paste in the Signature that you have copied from your macOS device.

Step 5) Draft a new email and your signature will be applied in Apple Mail on iOS.