In this article, we will outline how to create a date shortcut using automator, which allows the user to instantly and easily label a piece of writing with the current date and time in the format shown below. This is a really nifty tool to have at your disposal which is sure to enhance your experience whilst working with macOS.


A few ways that we love to use this shortcut are when updating notes whilst working (as shown above) or even as just as a reminder when wondering what the current date and time is! All it takes is one keystroke combination and the date has been typed in long format, instantly.


Level up your macOS efficiency by following our simple step by step guide below:


  • Step 1 – Open Automator and, when asked to choose a type for your document, select ‘Quick Action’.


  • Step 2 – From the actions library on the left side, add ‘Run AppleScript’ to the workflow on the right.


  • Step 3 – Once you have added an empty AppleScript to the workflow, set the parameters within it to copy the image below.

  • Step 4 – Save the workflow you have created. Call it “type the date” or something similar.


  • Step 5 – Open System Settings → Keyboard → Shortcuts → Services and then locate “type the date” and add a shortcut using a keystroke that you would like. I use Command – Control – Option – D.


  • Step 6 – To allow the shortcut to be used within applications, they must be allowed to “control your computer” in System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Accessibility. You can either go and manually add each of the applications you will use this shortcut in to this list, or you can attempt the shortcut and will be prompted by the computer to add this and it will take you to the correct page within System Preferences.

You now have a working keyboard shortcut which allows you to type the date instantly, try it out when writing blog posts, sending emails or adding information to notes.