Whether you like it or not, auto correct is here to stay. At times, you may find it to be a pain as words that you have meant to type are auto corrected to something different. However, by using it to your advantage, it can be a game changer when it comes to time saving and help with difficult or often mistyped words.


MacOS has a feature that can greatly enhance the way in which auto correct works, and that feature is Text Replacements. This tool allows you to replace words you often misspell or type incorrectly with the correct spelling, with ease. As well as this, you can use them as shortcuts, to type longer pairs or groups of words almost instantaneously – for example, my device replaces ‘kr’ with ‘Kind regards’.

This is an incredible tool that can save you time when typing, as it can finish spelling tricky words for you with just two keystrokes. Also, when reviewing an email or piece of work – you know that the words you would usually stumble on are already corrected and you can be confident that your work is held to a smart, professional standard.


By going to System Settings → Keyboard → Text Replacements you can create a list of words to be replaced when typing. For example, a word I often seem to misspell is ‘thanks’. Despite it being a fairly simple word, I often type ‘thnaks’ as my finger strikes the ‘n’ before ‘a’ on the keyboard. I have created a text replacement which corrects thnaks to thanks and this saves me bags of time whilst typing and reviewing as I know that it’s always correct.

Another very simple pair of words that I seem to often get wrong in my haste are ‘to’ and ‘too’. I find myself frequently typing ‘roo’ or ‘ro’ as the ‘r’ and ‘t’ keys are neighbours. By having this text replacement set, I know that every time I have mistyped, it has been corrected.


Below, are a list of Text Replacements that I use on my device. I highly recommend using these, as well as adding personal words, such as names you use frequently to the list.


Using this feature has levelled up my productivity and confidence when writing emails and taking notes on my device. I now know that words I  often misspell are correct and I save so much the,e when reviewing emails before sending. Give this feature a try and I am sure that you will find yourself never looking back, constantly adding new words to the list.