Follow our guide to removing multiple people from a group at once:

This is the most efficient way to remove numerous people from a group at once. It is an extremely useful time save when working with large amounts of people in a group and there is no limit on the amount of individuals you can remove at once.

For the sake of this guide, I will be removing people from the group named ‘Newsletter’.

1) Firstly, go to ‘People’ and filter to show people that match all groups, by the name of the group you are wanting to remove them from. In my case it is ‘newsletter’. The filter required is shown below.



2) Following this, we need to create a new keyword to use for those being removed from the group. To do this, select the first individual you want to remove from the group and add a new keyword to them – something simple like ‘news remove’ or ‘news delete’. Type the keyword you want to create and then click + New Keyword. This will create and assign the new keyword to this individual.



3) Then, using command and the trackpad you can multi select the others that you are wanting to remove. Right click to add keyword then select and assign the keyword you have created to the individuals you will be removing.



4) Go to the group that you are wanting to remove people from. Using the search function within the group, change the search parameter to ‘Keywords’ and type the keyword you have created for those who are being removed.



5) Once you have searched for those with the keyword. You can use command and the track pad to select all.



6) Once they are highlighted, press back space and you will be prompted with an option to unlink these individuals from that group. Go ahead and press unlink to remove them.



You have now removed these individuals from the group. This is perfect for large groups where you are wanting to remove several people at once.