If, like many others, you use Daylite software every day, things can can get a bit untidy.
Regular house-keeping will help ensure Daylite remains the trusted storage location for all information, so you are free to think creatively about developing your business further.

The beginning of a new year is a great time to tidy-up Daylite and this guide will show you how…

Keep you Daylite up to date
Keeping you Daylite up to date will ensure you benefit from the latest enhancements but also any bug fixes. You can manage the updates by going to Daylite > Update Settings.

Using Insights View
This is a great way to get an overview of all the categorisations in your Daylite system.
Insights View is available for: people, companies, opportunities & Projects.
To access Insight View see the red icon in the image below.

Below is an example of Insight View for people. It shows totals counts for both Categories and Keywords.

The red bar at the top indicates the number of people who have not been given a category when entered into Daylite CRM.
You can produce a list of uncategorised People by selecting the None bar and selecting the List View icon gain, which will give you a list of the people with no Category.

You can do the same with Keywords.
however this is a good time to review your keywords list to make sure that:

  • Other users have not added inappropriate or duplicate Keywords
  • You have not ended up with a long list of keywords that have just 1 or 2 people assigned.
  • There is no overlap or duplication between Categories and Keywords which will lead to inaccurate searches.

You can use the Insight View in a similar way to review the categorisation in Companies, Opportunities & Projects.

Bulk Edit
Be sure to use the Bulk Edit tool to make changes to multiple records. It is the fastest way to make changes to multiple selections. To use Bulk Edit, simple select more than one entry and go to Edit > Bulk Edit.
See the Bulk Edit view below.

Bulk Edit

Daylite Categorisations
During our consulting sessions with new clients, we find that getting the categorisations right (Categories, Keywords, company Type, Industry etc) is the hardest thing to get right. It makes sense that you should review this on a regularly to ensure it still works for you.

It is quite common for Categories & Keywords and other settings to get a bit messed up over a period of time with multiple users adding information.  To help prevent this, it is good practice to limit the number of users who can make changes to the Daylite Preferences. You could nominate someone in your organisation to be the “Daylite Guru” or “Daylite Goto” person who is responsible for deciding on any changes to the setup.
It is important to ensure that Categories and Keywords are relevant. One common mistake is to add a new Category to everything. See the image below…

In the two Preferences screen grabs above, take a look at the one called Photographer. It should be allocated just to People. However, you can see that “Photographer” is allocated to all of the other objects (Left hand image). This can happen quite easily and if allowed to persist, your users will get increasingly confused when entering in new information. We have found that users usually prefer to put no category at all rather than risk getting it wrong.

So for the example above, a Photographer should allocated just to People and not Companies, meetings, notes, Projects, Opportunities etc.
Take some time to carefully review your Categories Keywords lists making sure they are in the right places.

Overlapping Categories and Keywords
As you probably already know, an object like a person or company in Daylite can only have one Category but multiple Keywords.  We often find that the same name is used in both and this leads to unreliable searches.

In the example above Photographer exists as a Keyword and a Category which is confusing for the users but also makes any searches and smart-lists unreliable. in the example above, a Photographer is the primary categorisation and the Keyword should be the secondary categorisation using one or more of Subject Keywords; Style, Fashion, Glamour etc.


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