Daylite CRM for Mac is tightly integrated with Siri on iOS.
This makes it really simple to add a new “Next Action” task or a new meeting straight into Daylite from your iPhone or iPad.


“Hey Siri! Remind me to send a final invoice to Susan”.

As users of the GTD methodology with Daylite, we find this to be a frictionless way to capture ideas, commitments or things to be done whenever they come to mind – in the car, on the train, walking down the street.

In this example a Task (To-Do) is automatically added to the Next Actions list in Daylite with a reminder automatically set for 10:00 the next day.
Once in Daylite, the newly created task will be included in the weekly review and can be further refined as required.




“Hey Siri! ┬áMake an appointment to meet Laura Wade next Tuesday at 10:00”.

In this example, a new meeting is added directly into Daylite’s calendar. You can configure Daylite so it adds a default meeting Category type and duration.

Further refinement, such as linking to a people, companies, email or notes can be done in Daylite.

You can then display all your meetings and Next Actions on Daylite’s calendar to see how your next few weeks are shaping up.


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